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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Office Information and Policies

Your Child’s First Visit

Children should begin visiting the dentist approximately six months after the eruption of the first tooth. Prepare for your child’s first visit by taking a positive approach. It is important for young children to have positive initial experiences, as these experiences will set the tone for their future attitude toward dental care and oral hygiene. At Southern Maine Pediatric Dentistry your child will experience a fun, relaxed and safe environment where they will meet other children and learn about proper oral health. Our goal is for your child to have an exciting and educational experience so that they will enjoy visiting the dentist thoughout their lifetime.

Preventive Care Visits

We recommend that your child be seen every 6 months for routine preventive care. However, some children may require more frequent visits. During these visits, your child will have a dental cleaning, exam and fluoride application. Xrays may be taken. Our hygienist will work with your child to review and implement proper oral hygiene techniques.

During these appointments, our doctor will assess your child’s dental and skeletal development and how it relates to future orthodontic treatment (braces). Many times extensive and costly orthodontic treatment can be averted through interceptive timely care during facial growth and development. Our doctor is specifically trained to identify such instances, and will direct you and your child to the most qualified specialist if needed.

Parent Child Separation

Parents are encouraged to come into the treatment area on their first visit to view our facilities and to personally meet the doctor and staff. Everyone will make a great effort to ensure that your child feels comfortable in these new surroundings. We strive to make these positive encounters. We hope that parents will become comfortable enough to allow their child to enter the treatment area by themselves on subsequent visits. This allows the child to establish an uninterrupted relationship with the doctor and her staff. Occasionally, the doctor may feel that a child will respond with better behavior if a parent is present. If we ask a parent or guardian to accompany their child into the treatment area, we ask that they stay seated and act as a silent supportive partner. It is important that we establish cooperation and trust directly with each patient to ensure future success.

Behavior Management Techniques

We do our best to provide your child with the highest quality dental care in a safe and caring environment. Every effort will be made to work with your child to gain cooperation through understanding, gentle guidance, humor and charm. When these fail, there are other management techniques that can be used to eliminate or minimize disruptive behavior. Our dentist and staff have received training in the techniques accepted by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. These will be explained to you during your child’s first visit.



Emergency Care

If your child has an emergency, please call us, and we will see your child as soon as possible. After hours our answering machine will provide you with a number to reach the Dr. Wignall. Please leave a message and your call will be answered as soon as possible.

Occasionally, an emergency will cause us to run late with our scheduled patients. We thank you for your understanding and will keep you informed.

OFFICE HOURS: Monday-Thursday 7:30am to 5:00pm

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